How CBD Oil CURED my son’s stuttering

How TruHemp CBD cured my son’s stuttering

I have 5 ½ year old twin boys, Andy and Alex, who are the lights of my life….and the essence of my chaos.

They started crawling and walking when they were “supposed” to. They started babbling and talking when they were “supposed” to. They were, and are, amazing. Then we started noticing that Alex started stuttering around 3 years old, out of nowhere. There had been no “trigger” that we were aware of. There had been no tragedy. We didn’t move houses or schools. Everything was normal, but all of a sudden, Alex wasn’t.

We’d pick him up from school and he’d be sitting on the bench alongside the playground, by himself – just watching the other kids play.  We’d watch him from the window before picking him up and he’d be coloring, by himself.   The more we observed hi,m the more we saw how stuttering was affecting not just his life, but who he was and his confidence.

My husband would drop them off in the morning and pretend to leave whilst looking through the window at their interaction with other kids.  He watched as the other kids would make an attempt to get to know Alex and involve him, but it was so hard for him to get the words out, and it took so long to say so little, that the other kids would lose interest and walk away.  This was to be expected from other 3-5yr old kids. It was hard waiting…waiting for someone to finish saying what you already know he wants to say.  It was hard watching him physically strain to get out the words.  Sometimes he’d turn red and get literally stuck on a sound that seemed to continue for minutes without another sound following it. Sometimes it would sound like that sound was skipping on an old-fashioned vinyl record. My husband would later come home almost in tears and tell me what he saw.  All I wanted was to go back to their school and pick him up and hold him in my arms.

I started asking questions, to his teacher; did something happen that I don’t know about?, to his doctor: what causes this? What did I do to him in utero? How do I fix it? Who is the best speech therapist in town? But everyone told me that stuttering in toddlers is normal in children ages 3-5 because they’re learning so much that their brains are trying to catch up. That made sense to me.  They all said that it would probably stop around age 5, and if it didn’t, act further.

So for 2 years, we waited.   His twin brother waited for him to finish explaining the rules for a new made up game.  His dad waited for him to explain that he wanted to play baseball.  I waited, and I would wait forever, for him to express how much he loved me and the he wanted to marry me.

And during this same time, we started noticing other odd behavior.  He would want his shoes tied that we’d go through Velcro fasten shoes within a matter of weeks because the Velcro would get used up so fast fastening and unfastening over 20 times a morning to try to get them tight enough.  Extra holes had to be added to belts so that they could be singed tight enough.  Doctors said he had something called Sensory Processing Disorder.

Then he turned 5.

And I took further action. The real research began.  I learned that stuttering is a speech disorder that causes the flow of speech to be broken up.  About 5% of children (1 in 20) ages 2 to 5 develop some stuttering during their childhood and it may last for several weeks to several years.  While some will recover by age 7 or 8, 1 out of every 100 children will be left with long-term stuttering.

I learned about blocks, prolongations and repetitions, and Alex had all three. Blocks happen when you have a hard time getting a word out. You may pause for a long time or not be able to make a sound. For example, “I want a …… cookie.” Prolongations have you stretch a sound out for a long time, like cooooooooooookie and with repetitions you repeat parts of words, like co-co-co-cookie.

Stress or excitement can lead to more stuttering which was definitely the case with Alex.  It was heartbreaking to have him hear the news that we’re going on a Disney cruise for your 5th birthday (!!!) and to have him be physically unable, despite exhausting the air in his lungs and his face and body tensing up, to share his excitement with the family.

I learned as much as I could about stuttering, I looked into treatment, but there is no one cause of stuttering and no one knew of a “cure”.

I wanted to cure my baby. I wanted him to get his confidence back.  I wanted to take his pain away. The speech therapy classes were super expensive ($85/visit) and at twice a week, that was adding up (insurance was 3 months out from covering costs), and honestly, all it did was draw attention to his stuttering.  We worked on the breathing exercises that we were taught, we did the required homework, but now it was becoming even more of who he was.  He was now introducing himself by saying “sometimes I stutter”.

So I started with essential oils. I rolled certain essential oils down his spine twice a day. I bought 3 diffusers for our house and put one in his bedroom, one in his homework room and one in the bathroom.  But a month later, and there was no difference.

And then I learned about CBD. I dove into researching the endocannabinoid system, and how our bodies are already producing CBD, but some of us may have a CBD deficiency. I learned how the endocannabinoid system runs throughout our entire bodies and brains.  I learned how it is responsible for neuron development inutero.

Then I started learning about the differences in full spectrum CBD and isolate CBD. The different carriers that can be used to carry the CBD, from olive oil, to coconut oil, and the benefits of cold pressed hemp seed oil.

There was definitely a benefit to having a full spectrum CBD oil so that you could gain the full benefits of the entourage effect and having the health benefits of all 85+ cannabinoids.

I also learned that there was a benefit to having CBD oil made in the United States, because European hemp laws do now recognize the industrial hemp flower as having medicinal benefits, and therefore can not be cultivated for such. But in the US, thanks to the 2014 Farm Act, the bud or flower of the hemp plant can be cultivated, which is very important as that is where most of the plant’s terpenes and flavonoids can be found.

There was also a benefit to having the carrier be hemp seed oil, because even by itself, cold pressed hemp seed oil has amazing health benefits such as antioxidants, phenolilc compounds and lower trans fats.

But the only problem was that all of the CBD products on the market that were full spectrum, pure, organic, non GMO and complied with FDA farming acts all had THC in them.  THC is a psychoactive drug, also found in the industrial hemp plant.

I didn’t want to give my 5 year old son THC.  I didn’t want to give him any levels, legal or not, of a psychoactive drug.

And then there was TruHemp.

TruHemp is a full spectrum, pure, organic, non-GMO CBD oil, farmed in Kentucky with FDA compliance…and it has 0.00% THC.

Our lab results are made public so you know exactly what natural compounds are going into your body.

I began giving Alex TruHemp CBD oil 500 mg twice a day.  Under the tongue, and for a 5 year old, that’s a hard texture/taste to take, so it would be followed by a vitamin gummy as a treat.

On day 3, I saw a difference. But I’m his mom….maybe I was just hopeful, maybe it was all in my head…so I didn’t say anything.

On day 7, my (very conservative) husband, noticed a difference.

On day 9, my mom noticed a difference when she came over for dinner.

And by day 14, 2 weeks after starting my son on TruHemp CBD oil) his teacher stopped me when I went to pick him up and said “what have you done to help Alex so much? What are you doing?  I need to share it with the other parents!”

She noticed that he was much more social than ever before. He was able to play on the playground. He didn’t care how tight his shoes were. He didn’t even need a belt anymore.  He was much more appreciative about things, rather than always wanting more and never having enough. He wasn’t stuttering anymore. Like…at…all.

I had the opportunity to really get to know my little boy. There was this complete personality that I never had the pleasure of meeting before. I could have full complete conversations with him -about rocks, planets and dinosaurs, but man was he smart! He was…dare I say, easy going. He was positive. He was loving. He was funny! He was happy.

TruHemp has given me and my son a new lease on life. Thank you TruHemp.


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